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4-Handed Massage

For the ultimate in relaxation consider treating yourself to a fourhanded massage. This is done with two therapists at once who blend and coordinate their strokes together. Clients rave about the dance-like gracefulness and deep intensity of the experience. Plus, a person effectively receives an hour and a half of bodywork in only forty-five minutes.

Over many years Peter has developed a written outline for four-handed massage, based on what people like to receive -- strokes deemed "crowd-pleasers." Using this outline, he has taught workshops on four-handed massages to over two hundred people.

Peter can partner with another massage therapist -- male or female, as the client wishes -- or can work with a friend of the client. As practiced by Peter, the four-handed technique is simple and repetitive enough that most folks can simply mirror his strokes and be an effective partner. A typical session lasts an hour. It includes the forty-five minutes from the basic outline and additional time for strokes and stretches customized to the client's needs and requests.

A local massage therapist by the name of Tera is also available to join Peter in 4-handed sessions. She is experienced in the practice of 4-handed and is popular also for her intuitive skills.